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Summer Volleyball League

Here is the registration information for the Summer Volleyball League. If you have any questions or concerns, please join the Summer Volleyball League group:


What is healthy heart rate? Please watch this video about what is healthy heart rate and what affects heart rate.


Due to COVID-19 the UIL has changed the physical requirements for this year. All 7th graders, and any athlete and band member who has not previously completed a physcial, will be required to fill out the Medical History portion of the physical as well as have a physical performed. All incoming athletes and band members who have completed a physical will be required to fill out the Medical History portion, and anyone who answers “Yes” to questions 1-6 on the Medical History form will require a physical before they can participate in any activity.


This is the workout plan that you will be doing for the remainder of the school year.

If you are doing packet pick up and drop off please continue to do this every Wednesday.

If you are doing online lessons please take a picture of your workout log when you have completed it and email it to me at This should be done weekly.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

Hand Hygiene

Germs are EVERYWHERE! There are millions on our body, but our hands are one of their favorite places. Please take a few minutes to watch this informative video about hand hygiene.


10 Volleyball drills to try at home

Physical Activity list and log

This is the weekly activity list and log. Make sure you are getting 60 minutes daily!

Using YouTube for PE and Athletics


Physical Activity Information




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