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Hello Video for April 6-9

Hello Mrs. Donathan’s 6th Grade ELAR Students

Hummingbirds Ultra Slow Motion

Watch this video on hummingbirds before reading the myth, “The Tale of the Hummingbird” on page. 205.

Simile and Metaphor: What's the Difference?

Use this video to gain a better understanding of the difference between a simile and a metaphor.  The author uses both similes and metaphors in the biographical selection about Robert Lemmons, “Black Cowboy, Wild Horses” to give vivid description about the setting.


Watch this short video to help explain personification.  Personification is used by the author in biography, “Black Cowboy, Wild Horses” to give great visual imagery of the landscape that is the setting for the biography.

Black Cowboy, Wild Horses Biography Video
Image that corresponds to Black Cowboy, Wild Horses Biography Video

Biography Genre’ Selection-”Black Cowboy, Wild Horses”

Watch this video for an introduction to the selection before you begin to read.

Hello Video for March 25-April 3

This is the video I shared on the BMS Facebook page for the first week of instruction that we were out of school.

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