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8th Grade Lessons and Videos

Video: May 11-15

Last one for the year.  Yipeeeeeee

Lessons: May 11-15

This is the last one for the year.  laugh

Video Lesson: May 4-8

I added the video in this so you don’t have to click off and on the extra link I sent you. 

Video: May 4-8: Media Connection Video

Watch this during lesson par Before reading part.

Video 1: April 27-May 1

Watch me 1stwink

Video 2: April 27- May1

Watch me 2nd

Video 3: April 27-May1 (Teacher lesson)

Watch before doing the lesson :)

Lesson: April 27-May 1

You have a research project to do this time. cool

Video: April 20-24

You will need a blank paper that should be in your packet or if you have one of your own.  Watch Video before lesson to make foldable. cheeky

Lesson: April 20-24

Lessons are due to BMS on Wednesday April 29.  There is a foldable to use for this lesson so please watch video before reading the story. laugh

Lesson: April 13-17

Make sure to put your name on all papers and your teacher and grade.  Due date April 22 to BMS.  Follow directions on lesson page.  I do have you contacting a classmate to help each other.  :) <3

Video: April 13-17

Watch the video mixed in with the lesson.  So pause as you need to work throught the lesson.  Remember to check under my Educational Websites to get zoom if you need.  Have a classmate ready to work with when doing  the lesson. <3

Movie: April 13-17 Icarus and Daedalus

Watch last after all lessons are complete for this week.  

Video: April 6-10

Watch BEFORE the lesson!!!  :)

Lesson: April 6-10

Lessons are due to Middle School by April 15th.  Pick up new packet for the next week. 

Lesson: March 25-April 3

Turn into Middle School when finished and pick up next packet.

Video: March 23-April 3

This video has to do with Blogs.  Mrs. Abney recorded this one. I will be doing the rest after this.  :)