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Achieve 3000

8th grade only.  For the rest of the year you need to still do two articles a week and student choice.  Make sure to do every 3rd blue dot for notes and you chose which notes to take.  Must do one 5-step lesson with stretch article and then do two step.  You are awesome. laugh


Set up an accont.  You can invite as many people as you like.  You must have everyone MUTE their microphones when you start.  Then when they want to talk they unmute say what they need to say then mute back.  Other wise it gets hard to understand people.  There are youtube videos on how to work zoom. enlightened

Scope Magazine

Log in as a student and our class password is cubsrule.  Click on anything you want and read and do the work.  There is some fun things to do so check it out.  cool

Free Rice

Need help with vocabulary and help feed starving people, then this is a great place to do both.  It is free and a fun way to learn new words. 


This is free.  Get on read the different stories and watch the videos. You can even ask them a “I Wonder” question and see if your question makes their list.wink

study Island

Great website that helps you with specific TEKS you need to work on.  It even has game mode.  :)  Please to work on the TEKS that you struggled with this year. 

CNN 10

This is a non-bias news cast with up to date informatoin about things around the world.  It has no political side to it.  Strictly just facts.  It is made for young teens and is interactive.  

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