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7th Grade COVID-19

7th Grade Lessons day by day May 11-15

Last packet guys!!! You will have rest of time to finish anything you need to turn in!!!

Almost officially summer!!!!

7th Grade Lesson video May 11-15


7th Grade Lessons day by day May 4-8

Use only if you are following my plans.

7th Grade Lesson video May 4-8

Remeber if your following Coach Ruiz’s plan, watch his video.  You will be reviewing forces and types of energy from last year.  My plan has you guys learning about groundwater and wetlands.

7th Grade Lessons day by day April 27-May 1

This week I’m covering streams and lakes.  If you have already done this with Coach Ruiz’s plan and video don’t worry about mine!!! I’m going little slower and not putting as much on a day but we will cover the same topics and activities!!!!!

Lesson video for April 27-May 1

Just a little info on streams and rivers

Video on Water Pollution April 27-May 1

Short video on nonpoint water pollution, normally the type that affects us and humans cause it!!!

Video on Freshwater biomes April 27-May 1


7th Grade Lessons day by day April 20-24


Lesson video April 20-24

Video of book pages and describing activitites!!  Miss you guys!!!

Glacier video for April 20-24

Video to help with glaciers through 6.1

Lessons for April 13-17

Monday the 13th is a holiday for Easter, so you can take the day off to rest then catch up through rest of week.smiley

Mrs. Cowan video for week of April 13-17


Weathering and Erosion video April 13-17


Interactive site for WED April 13-17


Thunderstorm video for 5.3 April 6-10


Tornado video for 5.3 April 6-10


Hurricane video for 5.3 April 6-10


Other catastrophic events video April 6-10


Lessons for April 6-10

This has two weeks of lessons on it, just be sure to do this week 6-10.

Mrs. Cowan video on lessons for April 6-10


Youtube video on atmosphere

Section 5.1 is about the atmosphere; this video tells you more interesting things!!

Interactive cloud matching game April 6-10


Video for 5.2 air masses and fronts April 6-10


Kesler interactive game April 3

Be sure to play the game to fully understand succession!!!!

Kesler Succession Video

This Kesler video uses a youtuber to tell you about succession.  This is great so be sure to watch it!!!!!yesyes

Succession Video April 3

Just a powerpoint video to help you understand the steps of primary and secondary succession!!

7th Grade April 1-3 Lessons

Turn in pages on April 8th to BMS, tear pages out of book and put name on all pages.

7th Grade April 1-3 Video


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