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6th Grade COVID-19

6th Grade day by day lessons for May 11-15

This is the last packet guys!!!!! Summer is almost here!!!

You will have the last week of May 18-20 to finish the packet and turn it in!!!!! 

6th Grade lesson video for May 11-15


6th Grade Book pgs. May 11-20


Video on Different Ecosystems


Video on levels of organization in ecosystems


Mr Parr Ecosystem video


6th Grade Day by day plan May 4-8


6th Grade Video about lessons May 4-8


6th Book pgs for May 4-8

This week you will use pgs. 450-455, it’s the last part of the 11.2 section!!!!

Animal classification video


Mr Parr Classification video


6th Grade Day by day Lesson plan April 27-May 1

Lessons for classifing living things.  I have split this section into two weeks so there might not be much to do on one specific day!!!!

6th Grade Book pgs. for April 27-May 1

These are copies from the book that makes your packet.

Lesson video for April 27-May 1

Just a video to step you through the pages of the packet!!!

Video on 6 characteristics of living things


Foldable video for pg 449 on May 1


Lesson plans by day April 20-24


Lesson video for April 20-24

I think in the video I said you have picked this packet up already on the 8th , but you will actually get it on the 15th .  Sorry if I made you panic if you watched the video already!!!!!



6th book pgs. for April 20-24

These pages are the exact same ones as in the packet.  You can just look at them on here as well.

Cell foldable instruction video


Video on Prokaryotic vs Eukaryotic Cells April 20-24


Cell Rap Video April 20-24


Lessons for April 13-17

I forgot that Monday is a holiday so if your parents don’t mind take the day off!!! Just be sure to include those lessons with the ones from the rest of the week!!!!smiley

Mrs. Cowan video about lessons for April 13-17


Space travel video April 13-17


Video on History of Space Travel April 13-17

Nice video of some actual footage from NASA

Lessons for April 6-10

Day by day lessons for April 6-10

Kesler outer planets video April 6-10

Outer planets video from our Keler stations!!!!

Kesler outer planet powerpoint April 6-10

Step through some more good information from studyjams!!!smiley

6th Grade Day by day Plan March 25 - April 3

This is a step by step guide for you, but you can do them at your own pace.  Just make sure to turn them into the correct bucket at the Middle School on April 8th.  

Inner planet powerpoint

This has some different informaton about the inner planets!!!yesyes

Kesler Inner planets April 3

Short video about the inner planets!!!

6th Grade April 1-3 Video